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Aitiara Escola Waldorf

  • Aitiara Escola Waldorf

  • Rod. Gastao dal Farra, Km 4 s/n, Bairro Demétria

  • 18603-970 Botucatu, SP

  • Brasilien


Über unsere Schule:

Aitiara Waldorf School is a school located in Estância Demétria, Brazil's first biodynamic agriculture farm. It was founded in 1984 to meet the children of the pioneers and farmers of the Demetria Farm and quickly attracted a large population to its surroundings giving rise to the Demetria neighbourhood.

Today our students come not only from our neighbourhood but also from the city of Botucatu, from different regions of Brazil and from other countries around the world.

Recognized by UNESCO as an associate school, Aitiara maintains its focus on  education for
peace and is intimately connected to its original impulse in biodinamic agriculture and respectful use of the land and nature. Today we have about 380 students distributed among Kindergarten, Elementary School and High School.