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New system & wal-di.App

We are currently transforming the wal-di platform into a new, state-of-the-art system, to optimize communication and interaction. For the running costs and the further development we ask you for support.

Free Registration

  • 1. School applies here
  • ... by any school representative
    (teacher, employee, parent representative)

    Per school only one representative.

    Important change!
    So far, the ongoing operation is supported by some schools with a monthly amount of 40, - Euro, the cost of further development and support was taken over by us.

    From March 2019, the fee will be charged to all German-speaking schools:
    40, - Euro / monthly for hosting, support and further development / updating of the website.

    In this way, the financially weaker schools abroad are co-financed solidarity.
    The larger schools are asked for a donation.